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Need a cheap Laravel programmer quickly?
I have a good junior Laravel Programmer for you!

Junior Laravel Programmer
Why a junior Laravel Programmer?

The architecture of Laravel and the simplicity with which existing components can be added to an existing project, make it possible to quickly put together a well-functioning application with little knowledge and experience.

In November 2017 I have hired a trainee who has now finished her studies. She has worked almost exclusively with Laravel, both on new and existing projects.

Under my flying guidance, she is still working on projects for me.


Fortunately she does not only speak English, but other languages she speaks are Spanish and Russian.
The communication therefor can be in different languages.
She can start immediately.


This junior Laravel programmer is ready to start, with fresh courage and an intelligent lookout she can quickly help you realize your project!


Despite the almost one and a half years of experience, there is still a lot to learn, which is why I can offer this junior Laravel programmer at a great price.
If you are interested or you need a junior Laravel programmer immediately, do not hesitate to contact us.

Curriculum Vitae
2016 - 2018
Master's program in Development of Applications and Web Services
University of Alicante, Spain
2013 - 2015
Master's program in English and Spanish for Specific Purposes
University of Alicante, Spain
Extraordinary Reward from the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters
2006 - 2007
Professional Retraining Program in Financial Management
Saint Petersburg State University, Russia
2006 - 2007
Professional Retraining Program in Business Valuation
Saint Petersburg State University, Russia
2001 - 2004
Ph.D. degree in Economics
Saint Petersburg State University, Russia
1996 - 2001
University diploma in Mathematical Methods in Economics
Saint Petersburg State University, Russia
The Sixths Lisbon Machine Learning School - LxMLS 201
Higher Technical Institute (IST), Institute for Telecommunications, Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Research and Development (INESC-ID), Lisbon, Portugal
Introduction to Semantic Vector Spaces: Distributional semantics; Vector representation of meaning; Similarity; Vector models in Python; LSA y LDA (Topic Modeling); Applications
University of Alicante, Spain
CS50 Introduction to Computer Science: Algorithms; O; Ω; Θ; Recursion; Data Structures; C; Debugging; TCP/IP; HTTP; HTML; CSS; PHP; MVC; SQL; JavaScript; Ajax
Harvard University (MOOC)
2015 - 2016
Python for Everybody Specialization: Introduction to Python; Python Data Structures; Using Python to Access Web Data; Using Databases with Python
University of Michigan (MOOC)
IT Skills
FrameworksLaravel, .Net, AngularJS, Bootstrap, PHPUnit, Selenium
Programming LanguagesPHP, JavaScript, C#, Python, SQL, T-SQL, Oracle SQL, XML, JSON; Java, C, HTML, CSS, LaTeX
SoftwareVisual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, WebStorm, PHPStorm, Specflow, Git, JBoss, Apache JMeter, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle SQL Developer, Jupyter Notebook, Balsamiq, Pencil, SPSS, PSPP, Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe PageMaker

Call now  +31207775488 , and work with this junior Laravel programmer!